Newspapers’ big fall, but more packaging in Ontario households

(21 November 2019) – While the collective weight of Blue Box materials generated by Ontario households has not changed much over the last 16 years (down 12%), the type of material that ends up there certainly has.

Far fewer newspapers, for starters. Almost 162,000 tonnes fewer, according to a PPEC comparison of Stewardship Ontario generation data between  .  . . Read the rest of the post here 

Ontario Blue Box recovery rate barely above 60% provincial target

(30 October 2019) – The recovery rate of Ontario’s residential Blue Box system has slipped again, to its lowest level since 2005. According to Stewardship Ontario, the 2018 recovery rate was 60.2%, just barely above the mandated provincial target.

Almost three-quarters of what’s currently being recovered is paper of one kind or another  .  . . Read the rest of the post here 

Brand owners sucked in by Canopy’s embarrassing boo-boos

(17 October 2019) – Vancouver-based environmental group, Canopy, has launched a global campaign against paper packaging, claiming that three billion trees “disappear into packaging’’ every year leaving “a trail of deforestation, degraded forest systems, threatened species, and an increasingly volatile climate.”

Strong words. But are they true?  .  . . Read the rest of the post here 

Setting the record straight on deforestation in Canada

(04 October 2019) – There’s no question that deforestation is a serious global issue with climate change consequences. The massive fires in the Amazon and Indonesia are just the most recent examples. But there’s also a lot of misinformation about deforestation, about where it’s occurring, and what its major causes are. .  . . Read the rest of the post here 


Paper’s Circular Economy:
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Most of the boxes and cartons made in Canada are 100% recycled content.
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