No good box should go to the dump!

The paper packaging industry wants old corrugated boxes banned from landfill. A couple of provinces have already done so (Nova Scotia and PEI) but so far the others (including Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario) have only talked about it. It’s time for action! The environmental benefits are clear. We estimate a ban on old corrugated containers […]

Why do we junk so much good stuff?

Recent studies have highlighted how much food we waste (both in preparation and in the disposal of scraps) but we are also throwing away some perfectly recyclable other stuff, like paper. Why is this, and what can we do about it? Here’s a look at what Ontario householders put in their trash, somewhat arbitrarily divided […]

Blue Box great for household paper: almost 80% recovered

The world’s first Blue Box system was launched in Ontario over 30 years ago, went on to win a United Nations award, and today remains a convenient and easy method of collecting various materials from households and sending them on for recycling. At heart, though, the Blue Box is a Paper Box. The major material […]

So much for the paperless house!

You’ve heard of the paperless office. What about the paperless house? Not going to happen, at least, not anytime soon. The weight of paper entering our homes these days is only slightly less than it was 10 years ago. But the types of paper products we use are definitely changing. As we embrace the digital […]

Food scientist warns retailers that live bacteria on crates is like a “smoking gun”

A third independent scientific study has raised concerns about re-using plastic crates to deliver fresh produce to retailers. This time it’s from the Center for Food Safety at the University of Arkansas(1)The two earlier studies, by food scientists at the University of Guelph and the University of California (Davis), are referenced in a previous blog.. […]

It’s not as simple as re-use versus recycling

The battle between the corrugated box and the plastic crate industries for market share in the fresh produce sector has traditionally been fought on both economic and environmental grounds. These arguments will continue, although it’s unlikely that any peer-reviewed life cycle analysis will ever deliver a knock-out punch to either of the combatants. The box […]

A lasting legacy of New York’s famous garbage barge, PPEC turns 25

It was the garbage barge that did it. Over several months in 1987, the waste-packed Mobro 4000 chugged between US ports, hoping to offload its increasingly smelly cargo. Port after port refused to accept it. Turned away by Mexico and Belize, the “most watched load of garbage in the memory of man” took on a […]

False and misleading claims removed from IFCO website

The North American paper packaging industry has served notice that it will challenge (legally, if necessary) any false and misleading claims about its operations and environmental impact. Case in point: major plastic crate supplier, IFCO. IFCO is lobbying North American grocery retailers to move away from the traditional corrugated box system of delivering fruit and […]

State of Canada’s forests explained in one easy to understand graphic

The latest report on the state of Canada’s forests by the federal government department that’s charged with monitoring it (Natural Resources Canada) has a graphic that succinctly explains much of what PPEC has been writing about during the course of the year. The Deforestation Myth:  Most of the deforestation occurring in the world is happening […]

This is not a puff piece but …

  We hosted an excellent morning seminar recently that covered a lot of ground regarding paper packaging and the environment. At least that’s the feedback we’re getting, so we’ll take it! For a flavour of the event, check out this short video summary. First up was a presentation on the challenges and opportunities the industry […]