So much for the paperless house!

(12 March 2015) You’ve heard of the paperless office. What about the paperless house? Not going to happen, at least, not anytime soon.
The weight of paper entering our homes these days is only slightly less than it was 10 years ago.
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Food scientist warns retailers that live bacteria on crates is like a “smoking gun”

(03 March 2015) A third independent scientific study has raised concerns about re-using plastic crates to deliver fresh produce to retailers. This time it’s from the Center for Food Safety at the University of Arkansas. Read the rest of the post here…

It’s not as simple as re-use versus recycling

(12 February 2015) The battle between the corrugated box and the plastic crate industries for market share in the fresh produce sector has traditionally been fought on both economic and environmental grounds. Read the rest of the post here…