A moving (and puzzling) story about dead Toronto chickens

(20 Decembr 2016) – Chickens are not something we would normally write about. And, in fact, this little story has less to do with dead chickens than with how they journey across Toronto in the after-life before landing between our knives and forks. Let me explain..  . .   Read the rest of the post here 

The history of paper packaging in Canada

(07 November 2016) – Interesting to look back sometimes. Here is my contribution to a recent book on 100 years of papermaking in Canada.

Lightweight, Recycled, Sustainable: the Story of Canada’s Packaging Grades

The last 100 years of packaging in Canada have seen the replacement of heavy wooden crates with lighter corrugated boxes, and the rise of plastic and composite packaging, mainly at the expense of glass. While not immune to attacks from both inside and outside the industry, the paper packaging sector has chugged along, with the recent growth in e-commerce giving the corrugated box a timely boost.  . .   Read the rest of the post here 

Plastic lobby tells a big whopper, continues to smear paper bags

(05 October 2016) – As whoppers go, this is a big one. The plastics lobby wants you to believe that only 7% of plastic shopping bags are thrown away in Montreal: “ZERO WASTE – CLOSE TO IT,” it proudly claims. What a stretch!

The claim is blatantly misleading and dishonest. What the plastics lobby has done   . .   Read the rest of the post here