Getting the facts straight on packaging diversion in Canada

(06 November 2015) In the course of an otherwise interesting article on Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR), Tom Chervinsky makes a statistical boo-boo. See, I am mellowing. I didn’t call it package bashing.

Chervinsky is certainly not the first, and won’t be the last, to play footsie  Read the rest of the post here…

PPEC celebrates its 25th anniversary in style

(02 November 2015) Apart from breaking out the bubbly and destroying a cake, PPEC members and friends celebrated the environmental council’s 25th anniversary last week with the release of three warmly received videos.   Read the rest of the post here…

PPEC represents over 90% of the Canadian paper packaging industry on environmental issues. Here’s what some of them say about it.

For more on why it was formed click here. For its history of its achievements (some of them world and/or North American firsts) click here. For a summary of what some of its key movers and shakers say about it click here. If you want to join, click here.