The good, the bad, and the ugly about Ontario’s Blue Box

(31 January 2017) – The good news is that the reported recovery rates for almost every single material category in Ontario’s Blue Box have improved over the last 13 years, some by as much as 20 percentage points. The bad news is that several categories have made very little progress and lag way behind the others, and that the real recovery rates are much lower..  . .   Read the rest of the post here 

Over 75% of what the Blue Box collects is paper, and it has the highest recovery rates

(10 January 2017) – When you crunch the numbers on Canada’s various provincial Blue Box systems, one fact stands out more than any other. The Blue Box is basically a Paper Box, part of a larger feeder supply network for Canadian and other paper recycling mills.

Paper’s overwhelming dominance is more obvious, of course, in the many “deposit” provinces where beverage containers are returned outside of the Blue Box system. But even in “non-deposit” Ontario, paper is king. Over 75% of all the material collected in..  . .   Read the rest of the post here 

A moving (and puzzling) story about dead Toronto chickens

(20 December 2016) – Chickens are not something we would normally write about. And, in fact, this little story has less to do with dead chickens than with how they journey across Toronto in the after-life before landing between our knives and forks. Let me explain..  . .   Read the rest of the post here