Plastic lobby tells a big whopper, continues to smear paper bags

(05 October 2016) – As whoppers go, this is a big one. The plastics lobby wants you to believe that only 7% of plastic shopping bags are thrown away in Montreal: “ZERO WASTE – CLOSE TO IT,” it proudly claims. What a stretch!

The claim is blatantly misleading and dishonest. What the plastics lobby has done   . .   Read the rest of the post here 

Packaging is the villain again (sigh)

(12 September  2016) – There is no doubt that some goods are over-packaged and that more can be done to reduce the amount of paper, glass, metal and plastic packaging that ends up in consumers’ homes. But blaming packaging all the time is only part of the story. To put it bluntly, we in the so-called developed world eat, drink and buy far   . .   Read the rest of the post here 

Did you know that more adult diapers are now sold in Nova Scotia than baby diapers?

(02 August  2016) – This is not a knock on Nova Scotia, simply pointing out that aging baby boomers are beginning to impact both the products and the packaging that Canadians will use in the future. The diaper info comes courtesy of John Wright, Senior Fellow at the Angus Reid Institute, who just happens to be a keynote speaker at PPEC’s upcoming seminar November 1.  . .   Read the rest of the post here


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