Paper recycling represents 40% of Canada’s waste diversion

(13 July  2016) – A recent Statistics Canada report on household e-waste reveals some interesting diversion data on other materials.

Paper, for example, represented 40%  . .   Read the rest of the post here 

Something really fishy about plastic crate study

(14 June  2016) – The battle between the corrugated box and the plastic crate industries for share of the fresh produce market is getting stranger by the minute. The latest twist is the release by leading crate supplier, IFCO, of a comparative life cycle . .   Read the rest of the post here 

Something fishy about crate supplier’s recycled content assumptions

ITASCA, IL (May 10, 2016) – The Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) reviewed IFCO’s recently-published Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Reusable Plastic Containers and Display- and Non-Display Ready Corrugated Containers Used for Fresh Produce Applications, which was conducted by Franklin Associates and. . .   Read the rest of the post here

PPEC represents over 90% of the Canadian paper packaging industry on environmental issues. Here’s what some of them say about it.

For more on why it was formed click here. For its history of its achievements (some of them world and/or North American firsts) click here. For a summary of what some of its key movers and shakers say about it click here. If you want to join, click here.