Pot calling the kettle black?

(13 January 2016) The Toronto Star ran a front page story over the weekend lambasting Ontario’s tire stewardship body (OTS) for “thousands of dollars on wine tasting, meals at fine restaurants, a boat cruise, luxury hotels, and donations to political (parties).” The newspaper huffed  Read the rest of the post here…

The more plastics you add to Ontario’s Blue Box, the more it costs

(10 December 2015) It’s easy to describe plastics as the problem child of the Ontario Blue Box. Just look at the chart below. Its generation continues to increase; its volume fills trucks and landfills; its net cost to recycle is more than three times that of paper packaging; almost 70% of it heads to   Read the rest of the post here…

PPEC represents over 90% of the Canadian paper packaging industry on environmental issues. Here’s what some of them say about it.

For more on why it was formed click here. For its history of its achievements (some of them world and/or North American firsts) click here. For a summary of what some of its key movers and shakers say about it click here. If you want to join, click here.